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July 2017


Presented by Batya Maman
Founder & CEO, Social Connect

Event Time: 11:30am – 1pm
Event Date: July 12, 2016
Event Place: Études de Ballet & Co
3285 Pine Ridge Rd, Naples, FL 34109

About Batya

Batya Maman is a true entrepreneur. Born in Israel of Moroccan descent, this Jewish mother of three is an inspiration to many. She prides herself in being a mother of two beautiful daughters, and a son who is currently serving in the military.

Batya moved to the United States in February 2003 to pursue her passions and dreams in America, the Land of Opportunity. Since that time, she has taught herself English and opened several lucrative businesses. Prior to relocating to Florida, Batya was a computer technology teacher in Israel; she now uses those skills to master the social media market and to teach others. Her company trains, maintains and consultants clients, ranging from manufacturing to charitable organizations, on how to get the best results from their social media efforts.

For the first seven years in the U.S., Batya was successful in creating a Home and Office Organizational business plus a Renovation and Commercial Cleaning company. She also established herself as a trusted and knowledgeable personal concierge for home and business owners. Batya has proven herself as a diversified entrepreneur, successful in many endeavors.

Although, Batya’s primary childhood language is Hebrew, she also speaks Arabic. She has been quoted in saying, “I love language and upon arriving in America I taught myself the language of the United States. “I am now speaking English, it is a privilege.”

Batya has used her schooling and formal training in the computer sciences to advance her business career in the U.S. In Israel, she earned her degrees in Education and Teaching in the field of Computer Technology as her major concentration. She began her business career in Florida in the real estate related industry with her renovation and cleaning services, but when the Real Estate market changed, so did Batya. Being a savvy entrepreneur, she saw social media as a natural transition since she had the knowledge and abilities, from her education background, to create a new business venture. Being an innovative individual of entrepreneurial spirit, which is what brought Batya to America in the first place, she reinvented herself.

Her business did not happen overnight; Batya looked for a business opportunity that would lend itself to her education. She did market research and saw a trend in Public Relations and Marketing that was moving more towards Social Media. Batya jumped on the opportunity and created her company, Social Connect, and has excelled as an expert in Social Media, SEO/SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Mobile Sites, Applications and Web Site Design. This is truly a passion for Batya and all of her clients agree!

Batya Maman has an impeccable reputation and is well-respected in the community. From her businesses success as a home and office organizer, renovation specialist, and now the CEO of Social Connect, success has traveled with her. As her clients agree, Batya is a diversified, successful business woman who is excited about new ventures and new clients.

Batya Maman is a Social Media and Communications specialist and uses Social Media as a tool to connect between P2P (peer to peer) and B2B (business to business). She is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and a connector of people!

Batya is looking forward to working with you to help create success and results!

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Presented by Batya Maman Sabag
Founder & CEO, Social Connect

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Jill Dixon
TechWise Mom @ VineIT

Everything Vine IT does is because we believe in the entrepreneur, business ownership, and keeping all of our precious, personal information protected! Created for the entrepreneur by entrepreneurs, it is with the help of Vine IT that my businesses are able to run more productively, efficiently and what I like to call “proactively-protected” offering more than just peace of mind.  We understand there is more support needed for independent success, especially privacy, in this ever-changing technology landscape where there are so many out to steal our personal and professional info. Do you value your security, privacy and efficiency in business and personal life? How are YOU protecting your identity, personal and business info?




Jill Dixon


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