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June 2017


Presented by Lori Kleiman

Lori Kleiman, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
HR Topics

Business owners are pulled in different directions every day. Staying on top of the human resources can be complex enough, and compliance must be managed. Even sole proprietors should know what they have to put in place when they need help. There are 6 non-negotiable areas of compliance that have to be incorporated to your daily operations. You must embrace these, and be able to navigate the leadership team to embrace them as well.Lori will share effective method of securing the resources needed to move initiatives forward, you will be sure you leave the program with the tools you need to get it all done.                

Event Time: 11:30am – 1pm
Event Date: June 13th, 2017
Event Place: Études de Ballet & Co
3285 Pine Ridge Rd, Naples, FL 34109



About Lori                                                                                                                                                      

Lori Kleiman’s HR mantra comes from her innate no-nonsense approach and 30+ years of experience as an Human Resources consultant and entrepreneur running human resources departments of all sizes.

Through keynote speeches, dynamic workshops, how-to books, and other programs, Lori transforms the way Human Resources get done and the impact they make at the company level.

Lori believes that people are what makes or breaks a business and that HR is the function that makes it all happen. Her passion for Human Resources comes through in her engaging, fun style that leaves audiences inspired and energized.

Having walked in your shoes, Lori has Human Resources professionals’ and small business best interest at heart. She knows the constant sense of overwhelm, the daily struggles, and the overload of information one must master to get the job done right. Being an entrepreneur, she also understands the perspective (and demands) of CEOs and business owners.

That’s why as a speaker, author, and facilitator, Lori’s mission is to bring HR efficiency and business strategy together to fuel growth.

Her programs focus on making life easier for all people responsible for HR – non-HR professionals, HR Departments of 1 and larger HR teams – by addressing their unique challenges and providing real solutions that fit their resources. Her practical takeaways help them stop spinning their wheels, make sense of important industry updates, simplify crucial but time-consuming tasks, and turn Human Resources into an engine that drives business results and improves the bottom line.

Lori has spoken at over 40 conferences and events, including annually at the Society for Human Resources Management National Conference since 2014.


Business Spotlight of the Month




Stacy Nicolau

Neapolitan Family Magazine

P.O. Box 110656, Naples, FL 34108
Office: 239-370-5333
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About Stacy

After working for Neapolitan Family Magazine for more than five years, Stacy Nicolau and Leigh Ann Newman purchased the business from the original owner, Andrea Breznay in August 2016. For over sixteen years, the magazine has been the only parenting publication devoted to Collier County parents, grandparents and educators and has a readership of over 27,000 through 10,000 magazines delivered to over 250 locations locally.  The magazine and website feature one of the most comprehensive event calendars available that readers refer to all month long. The website has new content and events entered daily and attracts 10,000 unique visitors monthly. Neapolitan Family advertisers reach the family market through print, digital and social media exposure.
This summer, Collier County Public Schools contracted Neapolitan Family to create a separate publication consisting of an extracurricular activity directory to replace all print and virtual flyers for students and their families.  At the end of August, the first sixteen page directory will go home with nearly 50,000 Collier County students. This free publication, which contains limited and exclusive advertising opportunities, will be published and distributed three times per year.
Leigh Ann and Stacy plan to build on the success of Neapolitan Family Magazine by building new relationships with local businesses and supporting community events.
Leigh Ann has a degree in journalism from The George Washington University and also has a separate business call ABC Swim School. Stacy has degrees in journalism and nursing from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is a retired registered nurse.  Both have children who attend Collier County Public Schools and have been involved in the schools and community for many years.




About Us

The Women’s Network of Collier County (WNOCC) is a non-profit organization created for working business women to create a network in the Collier County area where women can be empowered via networking, education, seminars, and raising scholarship funds for single working moms in a positive atmosphere. We meet on the second Tuesday of each month from 11:30am-1pm, in which we have lunch, network and provide speakers to enhance and educate based on diverse hot topics in business.



A special thank you to Indira Maharaj and Iberia Bank for donating meeting space for our monthly board of director’s meetings!