About Us

The Women’s Network of Collier County (WNOCC) is a non-profit organization created for working business women to create a network in the Collier County area where women can be empowered via networking, education, seminars, and raising scholarship funds for single working moms in a positive atmosphere. We meet on the second Tuesday of each month from 11:30am-1pm, in which we have lunch, network and provide speakers to enhance and educate based on diverse hot topics in business.


2018 Board of Directors

President: Gina Sisbarro/ Marco Office Supply


Vice- President & Growth and Developoment: Melissa Rocchio / Live Connected, LLC

Secretary: Stacy Nicolau/ Neapolitan Family Magazine

Treasurer: Karen Parry/ Best Interest Mortgage


President’s Message

“Opportunities are hiding everywhere, the trick is knowing how to find them.”  I do love this quote because I can share for you one of the first trick of opportunity and that is becoming or renewing your membership with WNOCC.  The second trick is to stay active and become visible within the group.  What makes the WNOCC so unique is it is more than “just networking”.  It is about women in business helping other women in business.  It is about the new members teaching the older members.  It is about the older members sharing their experience with the newer members.  It is the opportunity to be honest and open with each other and say “I need help” and “To whom and where do I fix this”.  It is the experience knowing you are not alone in the world of “breaking into a man’s field”, starting your own business, balancing all your roles as a woman, dealing with business and women’s issues, finding your voice, learning your strengths, repairing those short comings and just being the best darn person you can be with what resources you have!

Other referral groups are number driven by money, checks and balance sheets for the month and that’s just fine.  WNOCC is a resource, sometimes we add to the balance sheets of business exchanged, however more importantly, we are a check and balance sheet for one another.  We are a support group that lends a hand in helping each other reach out, grow, exchange and gain knowledge.

WNOCC is a sisterhood, a sisterhood that comes together once a month to share, care and exchange our wealth of knowledge.  Our passion is to give.  To give women the opportunity to make that change in their life through our scholarship fund and pursue their dream for a better life for themselves and for their families.  That is truly the “trick”; however we don’t hide them, we work hard to make them available to as many women as we are financially able.

So, are you ready to hop on board WNOCC train?  If so, the train makes plenty of stops along the way.  Your table is waiting in the dining car and your membership card is on reserve to join, renew and rejoice in being a woman…a woman in business.  Looking forward to a truly exciting year along our amazing board: Karen Perry, Stacy Nicolau and Melissa Rocchio.

Cheers and start blocking out the second Tuesday of each month!!

Gina Sisbarro

WNOCC President


WNOCC Volunteer Board Member Descriptions


  • Ensures the effective action of the WNOCC Board in governing and supporting the organization. Acts as representative of the board as a whole.
  • Runs board meeting, monthly functions and events on accordance to WNOCC agenda, policies and procedures.
  • Takes responsibility in ensuring all officers are carrying out their function
  • Recommends committees needed for term
  • Communicates with officers and assigned committee chairs
  • Represents organization in regards to media and community

Vice President

  • In the absence of the President, runs the meetings and assumes the President’s duties
  • Oversees the Scholarship Committee
  • Presents to board and schedules monthly speakers
  • Update Website for monthly announcements (this description may change with each new administration to fall under the auspice of another board member or become a separate entity
  • Introduces visitors at monthly luncheons
  • Sends a personal thank you to all visitors and encourages second visit and/or membership


  • Updates monthly membership
  • Records and submits monthly board meetings
  • Sends out press releases to all media outlets
  • Keeps a present copy of revised bi-laws, amendments, tax forms or any such documentation for the year
  • Sends personal thank you to our monthly Guest Speaker and Spotlight Speaker
  • Administrator of Social Media “Facebook Page”


  • Manages all the board’s financial responsibilities including membership dues, monthly luncheons, special events and donations to WNOCC.
  • Records monthly financial reports to the board
  • Files with Sunbiz.org Division of corporations
  • Conducts WNOCC audit and all/any tax returns

Scholarship Committee members

  • Committee to have no less than three
  • One member is designated chair who reports to boards and communicates with applicants
  • Make recommendations to board for any revisions on qualifications
  • Committee members will read through all on-line applications submitted who met the requirements set forth by WNOCC
  • Choose the number of applicants to receive scholarship purses in accordance with budget.
  • Contact applicants and invite to designated luncheon as well as offer congratulatory letter.
  • Process scholarship check directly to the University of Choice in the applicants’ name.
  • Advise next board to process letter inviting applicants to “tell us” how their year went (optional visit)

Events Committee

  • Committee members of three or more
  • One committee member is designated chair who communicates with board
  • Responsible for one fundraising event and socials throughout the calendar year to benefit scholarship funds
  • All events must be submitted to board members for approval
  • Members of WNOCC should have the first opportunity/option to host events at their venues, provide catering services, etc.


  • At least two members or more
  • Be in attendance no later than 11:15am for luncheons at “said” location
  • Be in attendance at any/all events fifteen minutes early
  • Welcome members with sign in.
  • Assist Treasurer where needed with sign ins at functions
  • Introduce new members to president
  • Circulate new members around the room for networking
  • “Find a friend” for them to join during the meeting if weren’t invited by a member and do not know any guest in attendance.
  • Make sure they leave with an application (should receive an application at the time of registration)
  • Any guest requiring further information, please reintroduce to any board member and/or greeter to help with processing or questions.
  • Responsible for “ice breakers” where applicable