The Women’s Network of Collier County (WNOCC) is a non-profit organization created for working business women based on Leadership, Connection, and Empowerment.

Leadership:  Expose women leaders within our community to new skills, leadership development, and access to training and various resources.

Connection:  Build a stronger community for the future by connecting members to our community business and organization leaders, educational institutions, as well as our grant recipients in order to assist them with opportunities for future growth.

Empowerment:  Inspire women to be confident in taking their business to the next level and to empower other women to do the same.

We would love to have you join us at our next meeting.  We meet on the second Tuesday of each month from 11:30am-1pm, we have a catered lunch, opportunity to network and speakers to enhance and educate based on diverse hot topics in business.
We hope to see you soon!


President’s Message:

“Opportunities are hiding everywhere, the trick is knowing how to find them.”  I do love this quote because I can share for you one of the first components of opportunity and that is becoming or renewing your membership with WNOCC.

The second component is to stay active and become visible within the group.

What makes the WNOCC so unique is it is more than “just networking”.  It is about women in business helping other women in business.  It is about the new members coming in with new insights.  It is about the current members sharing their experience with the newer members.

It is the opportunity to be honest and open with each other and say “I need help” and “To whom and where do I fix this”.  It is the experience knowing you are not alone, starting your own business, balancing all your roles as a woman, dealing with business and life balance, finding your voice, learning your strengths, repairing those short comings and just being the best person you can be with what resources you have!

Other referral groups are number driven by money, checks and balance sheets for the month and that’s just fine.  WNOCC is a resource, sometimes we add to the balance sheets of business exchanged, however more importantly, we are a check and balance sheet for one another.  We are a group that lends a hand in helping each other reach out, grow, exchange and gain knowledge.

WNOCC is a sisterhood, a sisterhood that comes together once a month to share, care and exchange our wealth of knowledge.  Our passion is to give.  To give women the opportunity to make that change in their life through our scholarship fund and pursue their dream for a better life for themselves and for their families.  That is truly the “trick”; however we don’t hide them, we work hard to make them available to as many women as we are financially able.

So, are you ready to be part of our commUNITY?  If so, your seat is waiting and your membership card is on reserve to join, renew and rejoice in being a woman…a woman in business.

Looking forward to a truly exciting year with you and our amazing board: Karen Perry, Stacy Nicolau and Melissa Rocchio.

Cheers and start blocking out the second Tuesday of each month!!

Gina Sisbarro

WNOCC President


Click here for a copy of the WNOCC By Laws.  If you have any questions or need a copy of the appendix items please email the BOD Vice President, Melissa Rocchio