April 2017: Effective Networking & Networking Etiquette

How to Achieve Effective Networking

Angela Bruckner

Presented by Angela Bruckner
Owner, Constant Pursuit
Angela Bruckner@mac.com 239.300.3782

If you are going to invest in Networking as a way to build your business and to deepen relationships within the community, why not maximize the return on your investment and have a little fun along the way!  Could FUN and NETWORKING even live in the same sentence?

All of us “go getters” out there could benefit from improving in the Networking Etiquette department. Each of us has our own average in how we listen, learn and educate. How could your world change if you recognized patterns of thinking and behavior that are either sending you down the road to success or side-lining your performance?

At this meeting, Angela Bruckner will help us to recognize how critical it is to have confidence in our networking plan and in our skills to execute it.  She will get us game ready for our next networking opportunity!

Event Time: 11:30am – 1pm
Event Date: April 11, 2017
Event Place: Études de Ballet & Co
3285 Pine Ridge Rd, Naples, FL 34109



About Angela

Angela Bruckner brings 25 years of performance based coaching to her clients. Her experience in and out of the trenches helps her to connect and to build credibility and trust with high performing professionals. She meets them where they are and coaches them to execute their strategic plans regardless of the distractions that derail focus and confidence. Angela incorporates elite athlete, mindset principals while reinforcing the key drivers that her clients have identified to reach their critical number or performance goals.

Since achieving her bachelor’s degree in marketing/management at North Texas State University, Angela has pushed past her comfort zone to serve as a leader in sales, sales training, marketing, product development and sales management. She performed in both the residential real estate and the medical device arena before launching herself into the world of independent leadership coaching. Her commitment to improving her own performance brings a freshness to each coaching experience.

Angela’s energetic and comical presentation style resonates with all audiences. She employs real-world and customized examples of thinking patterns that distract us from performing our best and exceeding goals. These specific examples allow Angela to connect from both the stage and in her individual and team coaching relationships.

Angela currently lives in Naples, Florida with her husband and their two sons. She is available for keynotes, individual and team coaching as well as workshops and special events.