How to Get out of a Sales Rut

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Let’s be more kind to ourselves and redefine “rut” as “sales underachievement”. First you need to relax and not panic, don’t press to hard, definitely don’t get down on yourself, don’t get mad and don’t quit.

What are the causes?

There are causes for sales underachievement and the first thing you need to do is evaluate why you are underachieving. Let’s start with…

Poor Belief system – I don’t think my company or product is the best or I don’t think I’m the best.

Poor Work habits – Getting to work late, or barely on time. Giving attention to the wrong people, the “no” people.

Misconceptions that lead to sorry grapes – I have a difficult product to sell, my contract is too complex, my pricing is poor.

Outside Pressure – You have heard of leave your personal problems at home.

Poor Personal Habits – Too much play and not enough good living (you can figure this out)

Boss isn’t support – More complaints than praise

Everything is going against you – The pandemic (our newest excuse), new sales person making you look bad, haven’t had a raise in years.

Customer cancels big order – This will happen especially at this time; projects will be put off, sales order cut in half, company went out of business.

Depression – Combination from above

Believe it or not, the only person who can fix a slump is you!! We can place blame (it is easier that way or we can fix it.


What can we do?

So what do we do. Here is a good home made remedy that you can mix and take for yourself.

Look into the basics – It’s not complicated. You know what is wrong. Begin making a list that needs immediate care and take it on – HEAD ON.

Revisit your plan. Do you have an Action Plan? This is a great way to start. Start by setting obtainable goals for the month, quarter and year. Start with three and what steps you will take to accomplish it.

Work on your presentation. Try a different approach. Try keeping your customer in mind. practice your presentation with a co-worker, mentor, etc.

Speaking of mentor, who do you consider your mentor. If you don’t have one, plenty of resources right in WNOCC that work on these goals and objectives.

Put in overtime. Do you need to arrive right at 9:00am and leave at 5:00pm. If it is your own business, maybe find that product time over the week-end. Wake up early with a cup of coffee, your computer and some great thoughts.

Hang around with successful people, those that inspire and ignite verses the whiners, complainers and negative influencers.

Reorganize your work space. Too messy? Inefficient? To small? Make it comfortable, workable and organized!!

Nobody wants the boss hanging around; however if that boss is a motivator and anxious to see you succeed, take him/her out with you on calls. Keep that open line of communication. Ask for time, opinions, ideas that work, etc.

Share and meet with successful people. This is called networking. Make your network time productive. Ask questions that pertain to their success. Let’s avoid conversations about kids, husbands, significant others and weather. Keep the gossip with girlfriends and keep your networking productive!!

You got some ideas, now take action and get out of the “RUT”.


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