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Hello everyone! My name is Alicia Farman and I am with Alliance Financial Group. Today Women’s Network of Collier County has invited me to show you how to Vlog. Due to this I wanted to teach you what I have learned.

The first thing is going to be about the gear that you need. When you start vlogging obviously you want to keep it on the less expensive side to see if you like it, see if it’s something that’s going to fit your future.

So a couple things that you can do is, you can get a camera You can also use your iPhone. Your iPhones always on you so it’s something that’s very simple that can make things so easy and convenient. The next couple things that you want to get is a selfie stick and a tripod. With a selfie stick, this makes it so that you can push the camera out a little further from your face so that you can see more of a broad area behind you or around you. The tripod is good because what it’s going to do, is it’s going to hold your camera in place so that it doesn’t move, fall, or shake while you’re rolling through and your audience is engaged.

The number one item to really focus on is the storyline and the actual journey to what is that you’re trying to accomplish. When you’re writing out your journey you want to make sure that it’s about you, it’s your life. Your audience wants to engage with you, They want to understand what it is that you’re trying to get to. So you want to create the storyline to be just like a playbook, or something that’s fun with good video. Whatever it is there’s always a start a middle and an end!

Next is you’re going to want to capture as much video as possible. So you’re going to go through daily routine you’re going to catch as much video as possible. You can always snip out and edit different areas of it. So if your parasailing and “the hook” was that pivotal moment where you come around the mountains and it’s just an amazing view of the mountains and the water at the same time, that’s the kind of thing that you would want to put in the snippet. That’s going to come in the beginning of your video so that you can engage your people to keep watching that video. They want to see what it is that you have felt and what they can experience with you.

The final thing is going to be your final touches. Now this is important. Creating a title and the thumbnail that engage all your audiences to click through and watch that video, this is going to be one of the most vital portions of the advertising piece. The picture at the front of your video is what makes it so important. What makes them want to engage with it? What makes them want to look at it in the title. This should be very clear but also very engaging. That front thumbnail will keep your audience engaged and wanting them to click through your stuff and hopefully, subscribe to your page. So today that was my spin on you creating your Vlogs.

I will be creating more Vlogs. If y’all want more information let me know!


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