October 2016

Presented by Debbie Peterson
Coaching & Consulting


Event Time: 11:30am – 1pm
Event Date: October 11, 2016
Event Place: Études de Ballet & Co
3285 Pine Ridge Rd, Naples, FL 34109


About Debbie

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Debbie Peterson is the founder of Getting to Clarity (www.gettingtoclarity.com), a coaching and consulting business created to help women reinvent and re-engage in their “Next Chapter” in life or business. Debbie supports women through speaking, training and coaching to create the mindset to discover their own potential with passion and purpose. It has been her own journey towards purpose that inspired Debbie to create Getting to Clarity and she is passionate about helping other women find theirs. Her mission is to help women compassionately uncover “who they are supposed to be” with Confidence and Clarity. Debbie has worked in a variety of corporate positions in her career including roles in administration, project management and investor relations. In her last position as Business Administration Director, Debbie was selected to participate in a training program for Neuro Linguisitic Programming (NLP), which is described as a behavioral technology, a set of guiding principles, attitudes, and techniques about real-life behavior. During this training, Debbie discovered her passion for the power of thoughts and the ability of harnessing thoughts to create an amazing life. Since her introduction to NLP Debbie has spent years studying NLP as a student, as an assistant, and as a trainer. Since launching Getting to Clarity, Debbie has successfully worked with women at various stages of life and career. Specifically, she has worked with corporations, charitable organizations and women professionals to help them resolve personal internal conflict, break through and break free from personal limitations, identify unexplored possibilities in life and career, as well as providing tools and techniques addressing confidence, personal presence, and excellence in personal communication for creating success. Debbie is a Certified Trainer of NLP through the Association for Integrative Psychology (AIP), and designs and delivers her own programs for individuals, groups and corporations using NLP as a foundation. She is also a Haumana (student) of Huna, which is a modern label for an ancient system of empowerment and flexibility of the mind, body, and spirit.