Ten Harmless Habits to Drop if You Want to be Successful

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1. Saying “yes” when you want to say “no”

This can pop up in our personal lives as well as professional. Now is the time to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How will this benefit me personally?
  • How will this benefit my family and how much time will this take away from my family life?
  • How will this benefit me professionally?
  • Will this grow my business?
  • Will this give me much needed visibility?
  • Will I learn from serving in this position or project

If you have not checked these boxes positively, you have answered “NO”.

2. Hanging onto People Who Don’t Want to Grow

If you made a decision to stop drinking or drink less, would you still hang out with the “party friends”.  The same happens in business.  If you place yourself within a negative environment you will find yourself going right down the drain with them.  We all know the difficult workers and complainers in business.  It is like a bad rash.  You can keep scratching until it gets worse or you can get treated.  Treat yourself by moving into business circles that are beneficial and positive.

3. Working through Lunch

We need to nourish the body and we need to take that time to relax the brain.  In addition, we need to refuel the body by choosing foods that aide the body, not stifle it.  Overstuffing on high fat and carbohydrates can tend to drag you down.  It’s not a recharge, it is a road block.  Lunch is more important than dinner.  Don’t forget healthy snacks at 10am and 3pm.  Dinner should not be your biggest meal.   Our body is getting ready to rest and it is hard to digest when your metabolism slows down and prepares for a good night’s sleep.

4. Failing to Exercise

Truly make this part of your daily routine.  There are absolutely no excuse.  Nowadays you don’t need a personal gym, facility or expensive membership to find at least 30 minutes per day.  All our favorite types of exercise are right out the door (run, bike or swim).  If not, plug into your media outlets – lots of free exercise to do!!  Change your routine to fit this in your schedule – could be the first or last thing you do in the day.

5. Multitasking

You may believe you are good at multitasking; however it leads to stress, strain and mistakes.  Finish one task or project at a time.  Stop reading your text and e-mails and taking phone calls when they pop up.  Set reminders on outlook and goggle to keep you on track to return e-mails and phone calls…and if you are the person who expects immediate response, train yourself to “back off”.  Don’t give in to thinking you are the only client or project on the person’s plate.  Respect people’s time. 

We don’t have to attend every webinar and zoom opportunity to stay ahead or remain visible in the business world.  Most are podcast you can catch at a later time.  Speaking of webinars, if you wish to attend stop, watch, listen and ask questions.  What is the value if you are not engaged because you are multitasking.

6. Pinging People 

A ping is a virtual knock on the door.  Please respect other people’s time.  If you ping always ask “is this a good time”.  Let’s not take advantage or demand of others.

7. Striving for Perfection

We know you have heard nobody is perfect.  Heed the saying.  There is only one supreme being that is perfect (depending on what your belief is) and as I say “The job is filled with no immediate vacancy”.  Our history has been built on trial and errors with some of our greatest leaders.  Some of my best recipes were created off of an error – take a look at the famous Gooey Butter Cake in St. Louis.  That scrumptious treat was created by a German American Baker who reversed “by accident” the portions of butter and flour.  Get the picture?

8. Not Protecting Your Recharge Time

You do need to take the time for you.  Don’t work around the clock and week-ends.  Do you want to guess that report is due with a strict deadline is by the very same person enjoying their boat on the week-end!!  This all ties into taking lunch, exercising, getting your nails done, meditating, seeing friends and family.  Just enjoy what makes you happy and lifts your spirits – now that is a recharge!

9. Immediately answering PMs and E-mails

In my line of business I don’t know all the answers or it may take a little research and thought prior to a response.  Take the time in your schedule to answer back with those e-mails, text, etc.  Here is the best part, unless someone yelled fire you don’t have to react within that instant.  Your response may be; “That was a great thought, let me take a closer look and double check with my vendor.  I should have an answer within the next business day.” 

10. Not Prioritizing Your Day  

I do ask my staff to create action plans for the quarter.  The only way these goals can be achieved is by organization and having a plan.  I do a weekly desk cleanse.  It’s amazing how many folders get filed in the proper place on Fridays.  It is broken down into new account, hot prospect with a quote, warm prospect with a follow up, prospecting folder in general and a list of customers that need product information.  Yes, I also have a dead file.  That is the one that I know that door has closed “for now”.  If I hear of a management change, it does get unburied.  My desk is set and ready to go for Monday and I make any schedule adjustments after the weekly morning staff meeting.  Just like your home, if it is not organized and cleaned, restocked for the week, it will be one befuddle after another.  The day is scheduled by what demands your attention first.  In my case, a quote, entering a contract, researching info for a customer.  Once the priorities are looked at first we can schedule the afternoon for growth and prospecting.

Simple habits to change for the health, welfare and growth of your business and you!!

Written by Gina Sisbarro from Marco Office Supply


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