Women’s Network of Collier County

We are a nonprofit organization helping women support each other through growing their network and creating lifelong relationships.

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The Women’s Network of Collier County (WNOCC) is a non-profit organization created for working business women based on Leadership, Connection, and Empowerment.

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Letter from the President

As the 23rd President of Womens Network of Collier County, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website! 

Womens Network of Collier County encourages women and youth to maintain high moral, ethical, and educational standards as well as to strive for excellence in the career fields of their choice. Our organization provides scholarships, career guidance, and other support to people in pursuing their goals. Through our programmatic thrusts, we work to improve the status of women in all phases of life. Our dedicated members are provided opportunities to broaden their involvement in community service activities. 

Thank you for your visit. On behalf of the entire membership, I invite you to visit often and share with others, and continue learning more about our awesome organization. 

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Blog Posts

How to Vlog

How to Vlog

Hello everyone! My name is Alicia Farman and I am with Alliance Financial Group. Today Women’s Network of Collier County has invited me to show you how to Vlog. Due to this I wanted to teach you what I have learned. The first thing is going to be about the gear that...

How to Get out of a Sales Rut

How to Get out of a Sales Rut

Let's be more kind to ourselves and redefine "rut" as "sales underachievement". First you need to relax and not panic, don't press to hard, definitely don't get down on yourself, don't get mad and don't quit. What are the causes? There are causes for sales...

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